Acne Scar Laser Treatments - Types of Acne Scar Removal

You will want to foot the medical bill yourself. Therefore, you should consider carefully before opting for the surgical procedure.
eight of the most advanced techniques today in removing acne scars is acne scar laser treatments. two types of laser treatments prominently followed by doctors are laser resurfacing and fractional laser therapy. Since these treatments come under beauty conscious, the insurance coverage is not provided.

Laser Resurfacing Technique
This is the popular treatment for many skin defects. The dermatologist or the cosmetic surgeon can apply this method to cure acne scars. The laser light is beamed through the rough and affected areas of the face and is gently vaporized to reveal smooth, fresh skin underneath. A local anesthesia is often needed during the operation to lessen the pain.
The result of the treatment vary from patients in some it may be progressive but some people need multiple treatments. About 80% of the scar damage is cured in the method and the wounds will be healed usually under 10 days.

Fractional Method
This also comes under laser treatment for acne scars but it is costly. Well trained physicians of this scheme promises that the healing time is less than the resurfacing. The laser is used to treat the deeper scars underneath & smoother the skin.

The laser machines used for acne scar laser treatment are marketed in full swing for their popularity. The TotalFX or Fraxel is the most familiar names found in the web. it is essential that before choosing the treatment for acne scar, you must consult your dermatologist first so he/she can advise which type of treatment is suitable for you.

Only one treatment is just for speedy remedy. This surgery is done under administration of local anesthetics.

The above treatments need only a few days for the scars to be removed & to enhance the results of the treatments, acne skin care creams & painkillers are recommended by doctors.