Basic Skin Care Tips For Acne Sufferers

Firstly, always remember that acne is common in adolescence so you shouldn't get tensed or depressed if you catch it during your teenage years. Also, don't buy the myth about dirt causing black spots on your face. While it does help to keep your face neat using a mild soap, you should also use a benzoyl-peroxide lotion afterward to rid the skin of any sebum and bacteria on the skin surface. And don't underestimate the strength of this advice, as it's endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology.

it is a commonly known fact that acne results mainly from the excess oil trapped inside when pores get blocked. This excess oil, known as sebum, facilitates the development of P. acnes bacterium and eventually causes acne lesions, pimples, and even scars in severe cases. While there's lots of treatments and medications to cure acne at its various stages, there also exist some handy tips which can help you prevent acne from getting severe. Let's briefly look at a number of these tips.

Secondly, don't be amongst the majority of acne sufferers who only worsen their condition by popping pimples. While the temptation is great as can be felt by those suffering from acne, popping them would cause excessive swelling and redness, and may eventually leave dirty-looking scars. If there is an upcoming special ceremony where your pimples can spoil the party for you, I would suggest you consult a dermatologist and you would be better off with his expert advice.
If you want to use a moisturizer to enhance the feel of your skin, that's perfectly understandable as some acne cleansers can dry up your skin quickly. But don't go for a number of those excessively oily products. Get hold of a moisturizing gel than a greasy cream and pick only those gels that have the label noncomedogenic attached to them. These types are more acne friendly and don't usually block skin pores.

Finally, excessive sun rays can also harm your skin so be careful at that end. Though tanning may seem a lovely thing to hide your acne, it usually speeds up production of sebum that is the major cause of acne growth. and besides, excessive tanning can also lead to skin cancer.
& remember, all people have different skin so what works for two may not work for you. So contact a dermatologist in case you acne becomes severe.